Friday, October 31, 2008

Donate to Completion of Mushenyi Schoolhouse

Empower Congo Women

The beauty of giving in Africa is that you can do so much with very little.

Unfinished schoolhouse with teacher third from left, Senator far right.

Dear Friends,

The people of Mushenyi need your help to finishing building their schoolhouse. Without an education, their boy children have no future and a high probability of becoming child soldiers.

This mountain village was building a school when they were attacked by rebel forces. Children now attend school in a shack that is open to torrential rains with only rickety benches for seats. They have no chairs, tables, books, paper, or even a blackboard.

Current schoolhouse for 110 children.

Robbed repeatedly over the past decade, this village has lost everything of value: its animals, tools, money, and tragically, its young men and women. There are only elders and children left in Mushenyi now. This community desperately wants to educate its children, so they can learn how to survive and then thrive in the modern world.

This resilient village wants to get back on its feet. Let’s help them do that!

Mushenyi school children.

Fund Drive Goal for 2009 - Mushenyi - $2890

$ 1000 Finish construction of school roof - Completed

$1500 windows, doors, rebuild far brick wall
$720 School teacher salary – one year
$340 School benches, blackboards, chalk
$330 School supplies for 110 children

DONATE NOW. Make checks payable to: Empower Congo Women

PO Box 60940

Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Empower Congo Women 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to helping Congolese women war victims heal and prosper. Your donations will be fully tax exempt.

Thank you for your contribution to this very worthy cause.

With love and gratitude,

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