Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bukavu Rotary Club visits Ushindi Center

        Mr. Bisimwa and his assistant Claude visit Ushindi Center.

Charles Bisimwa, Past President of the Bukavu Rotary Club, visited Ushindi Center today. Mr. Bisimwa came as an emissary from his club to greet the women who train there.

Mr. Bisimwa is a member of CIALCA (Consortium for improving agriculture-based livelihoods in Central Africa), which is an organization of agronomists that works to improve plant quality and train farmers in sustainable agriculture methods. He spoke about new foods being made from soy beans, food which will improve nutrition and can be sold in the Ushindi Center store. http://www.cialca.org/files/files/TSBF%20planning%20meeting/Presentation%2003%20-%20Katunga%20-%20CIALCA%20Bukavu.pdf

Bukavu Rotary and Montecito Rotary are working together on grants to upgrade vocational training programs for women survivors of sexual violence at Ushindi Center. http://www.montecitorotary.org/ The project will provide additional sewing and embroidery machines, fabric, generators, office equipment, and provisional staff to train the women in advanced dressmaking and store management. In addition, the grant pays school fees for 75 more children, bringing the total of students supported by Ushindi Center to 150.

This grant will be funded in late April and run for 10 months.

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