Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mumosho Part II

I arrived in Bukavu with enough cash from Wakefield RI and Santa Maria CA Rotary Clubs to reroof the Burhembo primary school, buy a few extra things for the kids, and jump start the goat breeding program at the Agriculture Station.

Amani Matabaro, my contact in Mumosho, made most of the purchases in Bukavu, which included 150 tin sheets, nails, hammers, school books, chalk, and medicine for the school infirmary. We rented a truck and delivered the tin sheets to Burhembo school in mid-March. After Easter, we were told the new roof was finished, so we drove south on Tuesday to check out the progress.

The roof looked great: the new tin sheets clean and securely bolted down, but best of all was knowing that the children would stay dry and could focus on their studies now.

The parents had done all the work, and a small contingent was waiting to thank us when we arrived. I explained that I represented two groups of people in the USA, who also are parents, and so they they understand how important it is for children to get an education. 

The doctor was very grateful for the medicine that he had ordered and we had purchased from the big central pharmacy in Bukavu: anti-malarial quinine tablets, paracetanol, amoxycylin, penicelyn, phancidar, chlorapherain, benzathine, asprin, and elastic bandages.
And, of course, we visited the goats. Pacifique, director of the ag center, was able to buy 13 goats in Rwanda with the Rotary donations.
Seven were tethered near the Burhembo school where parents and their children are participating in an educational program about goat care initiated by Amani and Pacifique. Each goat is tended by three families, who take turns feeding it bundles of special grass each day.

The goat pen that was under construction in November has been completed, and it is quite impressive. With stalls on each side, it is able to house 20 goats. The goats were being fed when we got there, and they looked healthy and happy, especially the one billie goat amongst all the nannies. . . and they have a special handler who takes them out every afternoon to exercise!


So, Thank You! Wakefield and Santa Maria Rotary Clubs! You have made a lot of people very happy, not to mention the goats . . .

With love and gratitude,

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Janet Grace Riehl said...

Dear Dr. Victoria,

I'm so glad you continue to do this work, and continue to expand it.

Your conviction and commitment are inspiring.

Janet Riehl