Monday, June 21, 2010

Contact Senators to Keep Teeth in the "Conflict Minerals" Bill

Hello all,
I know you all are busy, but Please take a moment to read this:

Enough Project and other activist organizations have been working hard to get a bill signed by Congress that requires multinational tech companies to become accountable when purchasing "conflict minerals" from DR Congo. This legislation is similar to regulating "blood diamonds", which were financing the war in Sierra Leon.

The rape of women and girls in Congo is perpetuated by the world’s dependence on these minerals to run modern technological devices--cell phones, computers,video games. Diverse military groups, backed by international corporations, compete for these “conflict minerals”: coltan, tin, tungsten, gold. Their strategy is to brutally gang rape females in areas where these minerals exist, displacing the population and giving them access to Congo’s vast mineral wealth. 

Bottom line: Violated Congolese women are paying the price for our technological toys and conveniences.

But you can help stop this wanton rape of women and girls by supporting the Conflict Minerals Bill up before Congress right now. To do so, please read on . . . (it only takes one minute)

Change the Equation for Congo

Dear Friend,

During the last several months we've asked for your help to create real change on the issue of Congo's conflict minerals. Never before has our request been more urgent than now. Critical language requiring conflict minerals accountability is part of the financial reform legislation currently being finalized by Congress. The fate of this conflict minerals language will likely be decided over the next 48 hours.

Despite tech industry support and strong bi-partisan support of the language and the legislation it's derived from, manufacturing and retail industry groups are lobbying hard to have it removed. Now is the time for you and the grassroots movement to stand up against corporate lobbyists. Even though tech companies have admitted it would cost one penny per product to ensure a conflict-free supply chain, lobbyists for manufacturing companies continue to argue that even this penny is too expensive.

Today we're urgently asking you to spend a few minutes to get key members of the Congressional conference committee to support the language (this is the group responsible for deciding the final fate of the legislation.) Each of the members below is of high strategic value to ensuring the conflict minerals language stays in the legislation.

We need to ensure that the following members use their influence to keep the conflict minerals language in the legislation:

Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)

Senator Bob Corker (R-TN)

Please click on the links above to visit their Facebook pages. Click the "Like" button at the top, and then post a message asking for their support of the legislation. On Senator Lincoln's page, you will need to place your comment on her most recent post, because she doesn't allow feedback otherwise. We've drafted a sample for you to work from, but please feel free to customize your own if you would like:

"Senator {Insert Name}, please join a bi-partisan group of Senators in fighting to keep the Congo conflict minerals language in the financial reform bill. The tech industry estimates it would cost less than a penny per product to guarantee that their products are free of conflict minerals."

Without strong grassroots support, industry groups might succeed in undoing the progress you've made to end the trade in conflict minerals and bring peace to the people of Congo. Join us today and thank you for your urgent support at this critical time.


Jenny Russell
Advocacy Director
Enough Project

P.S. If you do not use Facebook, or want to take further action, please contact the Senators' offices directly:

Senator Lincoln - Contact Elizabeth Burks - 202.224.4843

Senator Corker - Contact Courtney Geduldig - 202.224.

Now that wasn't so difficult . . . 

With love and gratitude,

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