Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Thank You for your support in 2015

Thanks so much
Because of your generous support in 2015, we were able to bring trauma healing to the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Your collective support made it possible to establish the first Congo Healing Program (CHP) in Mumosho, DRC. Your continuing support pays the salaries of peer counselors who are now able to treat the local population at no cost. 

And this is only the beginning of what we envision for trauma healing in DRC. 
A second CHP clinic is planned to open in April 2016 in the New Hope Congo Hospital in Kavumu, an area that is experiencing a high number of rapes of young women and girls. This trauma unit will focus on child therapy.

Together we are healing wounds and bringing the light of peace 
to shine on eastern Congo.


from Empower Congo Women, ABFEK, the staff at
Congo Healing Program, and all the men, women, and
children whose lives you've blessed

Last minute donation
If you wish to make a last minute donation, or you know someone else 
who might want to help, please DONATE here.  Again, thank you for helping vulnerable families heal and rebuild their lives in eastern DRC.

With love and appreciation,

Dr. Victoria Bentley

Director/founder, Empower Congo Women

* all donations are Tax deductible

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