Thursday, March 3, 2016

Congo Healing Program To Train More Peer Counselors

 Young mother with daughter at Safe House for Teen Moms, Mumosho, eastern DRC (2015)

Dear Friends,

I’ll be returning to Congo in May, this time to train more peer counselors for the Congo Healing Program in Mumosho, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Many of the people we treat are teenagers who were raped, traumatized, and left with a young child to care for and no means of support.

The Congo Healing Program I set in motion with Amani Matabaro last September is going well.  Head counselor Sifa and her assistant Francine have been helping trauma sufferers find relief by treating them with "tapping" (EFT--Emotional Freedom Technique).

They are also giving breathing lessons, where local people relearn how to breathe abdominally.  This training is as popular as the literacy classes, because bringing the breath deep into the belly makes people happy. From what I've heard, there are more smiles around Mumosho these days.

Please help us keep these programs going by donating generously.* It is because of YOU this child will have a normal life. 

With love and gratitude,

Victoria Bentley, PsyD
Executive Director
Empower Congo Women

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